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Hiring Software Developers in India From South Korea: How to Guide

If you’re reading this article, you may want to hire Software developers from India. To assist you in achieving this, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring software developers from India and prove that software developers from India have a better chance of success, according to the data.

Are you aware can Indian programmers have designed popular mobile platforms such as CoinSwitch, Zoho and Paytm?

It is a remarkable fact. In recent years, businesses have been hiring committed offshore developers from India. There are various reasons why this is the case: up to 50% savings on costs as well as a vast pool of expertise, talent and more.

The professionalism of software developers from India and their commitment to the work and the results they’ve produced are outstanding.

Why Hire Software Developers from India:

Most companies worldwide, including some South Korean MNCs, have already embraced the software development companies in India. International companies are keen on India due to the top quality and affordable services.

India is the undisputed king of IT outsourcing. According to a recent study, over 80 per cent of European and American outsourcing firms rated software developers from India as having the top talent around the globe.

The National Association of Software and Service Companies has also said that the majority of Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing to India.

In the past, India has become the embodiment of mobile-based software development centres all over the world due to the knowledge of the skilled team of software developers, the economic choices and corporate standards.

Furthermore, the ability to manage projects through the use of collaborative tools for communication along with fluent English are other aspects that make Software developers from India more trustworthy.

Benefits of Hiring software developers from India:


Benefits of Hiring Indian Developers

The following are the reasons that will prove that India is one of the best destinations for IT:

1.India has high-quality Software Developers

India is home to a large number of skilled IT professionals, making it the world’s largest outsourcing hub and centre for software development.

They also have an advantage in technical skills, which makes them stand out from other countries. Software developers in India create innovative mobile software that can be used on many platforms.

India is home to approximately 3.1 million students each year. The nation is home to the world’s youngest development group. Over 90% of Indian software developers have between 18-35 years. Around 200,000 software engineers work in IT companies.

Offshore development companies encourage employees to continue learning to provide quality software solutions for vertical lines.

It is wise to hire Indian software developers because they can manage different projects. Full-stack developers will manage different parts of projects.

 2.Lower-cost and affordable solutions

Every company is constantly pressured to increase its income by selling products and services. The affordable prices offered by Indian companies are one of the reasons India has dominated the international software development market.

Many established and emerging companies worldwide prefer to hire an Indian offshore development team or remote Developers because of its competitive pricing.

Cost of Hiring Developers Worldwide

Cost of Hiring Indian Developers: 

  • IOS software development costs: $ 10-$ 40 an hour
  • Android development costs: $ 10-$ 35 an hour

American Developer Cost:

  • IOS software development costs: $ 100-$ 150 an hour
  • Android development costs: $ 120-$ 170 an hour

The cost of hiring Ukrainian developers.”

  • Android developer: $ 60 an hour
  • iOS developer: $30 an hour

The cost of hiring Australian developers.”

  • Android developer: $ 200 an hour
  • iOS developer: $150 an hour

Russian developer hiring cost.”

  • Android developer: $ 60 an hour
  • iOS developer: $50 an hour

Costs are determined by scale, functionality, complexity, and platform.

Software development costs are affected by the characteristics of the software. Companies prefer cross-platform software that targets a broader audience than geographical boundaries. This requires more effort and time.

Integration of third-party data is a requirement for large-scale mobile software. A second factor to consider is that large-scale software solutions for business customers require security features such as login, encryption and multi-level administrative rights.

These features require a platform architecture. Indian software developers have the intellectual capacity to create innovative software.

You will ensure that your applications are secure and robust if you hire an Indian Developer. This is a brief overview.

Here’s an estimate:

You can quickly get a sample cost from a software developer in India by using a subcontracting calculator.

India has comparatively lower wages than South Korea, which makes it an excellent place to develop software. U

This is due to combined development. The hierarchical layers of Indian programmers are entirely dependent on their experience and skills.

3.Quality and innovation prevalence

Did you know that India has 75% of the certified CMM-level companies in the world and the highest number of ISO-9000 software certification countries worldwide?

This is why the country has been ranked as one of the top destinations for the IT industry, with a 56% market share.

While the low cost of development attracts many companies, it is the quality of the final product that keeps them there. Indian software developers are in a strong position on the global outsourcing scene.

Subcontracting relationships can bring innovation and a lot of benefits. Entrepreneurs prefer working with remote development teams to improve their products and services.

Employing a software developer gives companies an edge, as they can improve their subcontracting processes by 4 to 5 per cent.

India’s top software development companies offer mobile software solutions in a fiercely competitive market. This allows startups and businesses to hire software developers while providing high-quality solutions.

4. India is up to date with new trends in technology.

India is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world. Many Indian cities are internationally recognized for their well-developed infrastructure and technological advances.

The sector’s geographical expansion has reached Tier II and Tier III cities. The viability of integration and business management is guaranteed in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad.

India has state-of-the-art telecommunications and ISPs. This technology is built with the most advanced software technology and offers custom software solutions.

India offers high-speed bandwidth through satellite connectivity and fibre optic networks. This allows developers to maintain uninterrupted communication with their employees.

5.English Communication

The world is now interconnected, and people can share ideas and opinions. English is the language that unites people in order to communicate effectively in an interconnected global world.

India has a population exceeding 1.33 million people, making it the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. This is more than the United Kingdom. According to the EF English Domain Index, India is first in Asia for English proficiency.

Although software development can be outsourced to remote equipment remotely, communication is still the priority. The country’s development sector removes any language barriers to communication by itself.

You can therefore be certain of excellent communication when you hire an Indian software developer.

6.Data confidentiality and Security

Subcontracting a project can expose you to data misuse. India’s top software developers have a data security policy that is appropriate.

For a long-term relationship, the outsourcing team must be familiar with BCP (Business Continuity Plan) in order to provide uninterrupted services. Support is also provided.

To manage projects efficiently and maintain quality standards, suppliers have ISO, CMMi 

Certifications and Microsoft Certification Certifications.

Mobile software development should follow new trends in bug fixing and updating.

If these tasks are not specific and your company is having trouble juggling everything, you should hire Indian developers.

7.Government of India policies to support subcontracting

India has had the good fortune of enjoying a stable government that has been at the forefront of the country for many years. India’s administrative stability complements the next subcontracting sector and helps close the gap in employment that benefits from growth.

To improve business cooperation, there are many policies that can be implemented to increase GDP growth, economy, taxes, energy, and telecommunications.

The Indian IT Ministry simplifies regulatory processes and approves various IT projects. The Indian government has various policies that help increase subcontracting in India.

India has built a number of high-tech; IT parks over the years with the most advanced technology and infrastructure.

8.Advantage of the time zone

Due to differences in time zones, Indian software developers can provide the best time-to-market speed and quality.

  • India is 3 hours and 30 mins behind South Korea
  • India is 9 hours ahead of the USA by 30 minutes
  • Japan is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India

This allows Indian developers to complete a project in a timely manner. Companies now recognize the importance of speed and use it to their advantage.

This also leads to increased efficiency and productivity, allowing companies to concentrate on their core competencies.

You likely have an internal team and plan to hire a software developer from India’s top outsourcing agency. It’s a win-win scenario.

The business operates 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Dedicated Indian software developers will take over when internal developers are on vacation.

Things to keep in mind when hiring Developers from India:


It is important to understand who to hire and how you can when hiring Developers from India.

Once you understand the requirements, then it is possible to find the right people to perform the tasks. You must be patient as the requirements will change over time.

This is true for all online businesses. Your in-house team should be able to focus on core competencies and outsource the rest to a trusted partner for hiring.

Delegating something that you are skilled at is not a good idea. Outsourcing Developers is increasing in popularity, but your business may fall prey to the lucrative delegation concept. You must be careful about everything.

The task will be essential to hire the best service provider software, developer. A remote development centre can be set up to ensure that the right people are available for the job. Before you hire a partner, make sure to check out their reputation and review.

  • Be prepared to wait.

First, be patient. Don’t rush to hire someone who doesn’t seem to have the right skills. Instead, take the time to ensure they are a good fit for your team. This should be done using the same process as with local talent.

It is essential to consider what kind of labour you require. Is the project require a lot of cooperation? Consider time zones and look for developers who can work when you need them.

It would help if you considered cultural and quality considerations. Taking your time and patience when finding the right developer for your organization is essential.

Most South Koreans are required to give 30 days’ notice. However, Indian employees can expect to provide a notice of 30 to 90 days. It could take up to three months to hire the right people, even if your search is successful.

Companies must anticipate this wait and be aware of another aspect of Indian hiring culture. It is common for employees to look for better positions during the notice period. It can be challenging to hire Indian workers as they can accept another job while they wait for their start. These are some solutions:

  • Keep in touch with developers you have hired to help you keep your business running.
  • Consider buying the notice period of your current employer.
  • Employ developers at the end of their warning periods through a scout or other methods.


  • Spend some time writing the job description.

A job description is another important step. This is crucial when you hire staff overseas, as it is the first time they meet with the talent group. 

You must establish a positive tone and set clear expectations to attract the best candidates.

It involves providing details such as:

  • Education requirements
  • Experience is a must.
  • Some skills are necessary.
  • Daily obligations
  • Expectations regarding working hours on a weekly basis and specific working hours

This is a must for all jobs, but it is particularly important when you are hiring developers from other countries. It is worth the extra effort to ensure that the hiring process runs smoothly.

  • Clear interview process

After you have selected qualified candidates, you need to create a process for evaluating them. A code test is a requirement for developers. It is one of the most effective ways to predict how well someone will do since it provides a detailed description of their work style and skills.

Your assessment should include real-world scenarios as well as time constraints. A default rubric can objectively evaluate all applicants using the same scale.

Video interviews should be an integral part of the interview process. A live coding session is a great idea. You can also ask questions. Video conversations can be challenging due to language barriers and time zones. However, it is important that you are able to communicate with your applicants.

  • Specific cost expectations

Many stories are circulating about how much money companies can save by hiring staff from abroad. There are many ways to save money, but it is essential to be realistic about the cost of hiring a skilled developer.

You might hear that Indian developers are cheaper than local ones, but it is more common to expect to pay a third to half the amount for the same experience.

When calculating expenses, consider the 30 per cent average salary increase for Indian employees. An Indian employee who leaves a job expects a 30% increase in salary from his new employer. 

This is a minimum requirement. A salary increase of up 50% can sometimes be expected depending on the job and skills level of an employee.

This is a reminder that you should have realistic expectations about what you will be charged and that you should investigate before you start the search.


India is the most sought-after destination for IT outsourcing and hiring Tech Talent. This is due to a number of reasons we already mentioned in the article. Indian developers will be more in demand for their skills and output as the Indian tech-educated youth enter the IT field in greater numbers over the coming years.

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