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IT Jobs in South Korea for Indians: A Complete Guide

If you’ve studied the field of computer science, have relevant IT expertise and skills in India . You might consider pursuing job opportunities in South Korea.

The 4th largest in Asia and the 11th largest economy globally, South Korea has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. It’s a significant technology hub and has thriving cities like Seoul.

Many multinational companies have offices in South Korea, and many employ Indian Software Engineers and other IT professionals.

You’ll see a high demand for your expertise in the country if you’re a developer. A few Indian firms have branches in South Korea, and some have employees who work there.


What You Should Know Before Starting Your Korean Job Search: 


Before beginning your Korean job search, it is essential to know what to expect. Numerous international corporations are keen to take on foreigners and those from the Korean diaspora.

But, it is essential to remember that these jobs tend to be competitive, and you must be ready to go through numerous rounds of interviews. To increase the chances of being hired, it is recommended to focus on a particular Technology Stack.

Depending on the company, the interview process could differ. Although most Korean companies have similar questions in the interview, their format may differ.

Employers may also require you to complete a project in a group to show your capabilities and abilities. When you are interviewed, be professional and polite.


How much do Korean Developers get paid?


The salaries for Software Engineering positions could range from 3 million to six million KRW, based on the profile of the job and the place of employment. That includes housing, food and transportation.

Compared to Southeast Asia, developers in South Korea are paid a bit more. The average developer salary in India is only half the amount developers in South Korea are paid.

The biggest reason for this difference is affordability. In South Korea, tech companies’ skyrocketing hiring costs have driven them to search outside the peninsula.

Korean Developers Salary



Requirements to Work in South Korea:


The process of finding a job in South Korea can be difficult. Cultural differences and language barriers are the two main problems.

In order to be eligible for employment to work in South Korea, you need a university degree. The degree must be within the same area as that you’re applying for.

Additionally, knowledge of the Korean language is not necessarily mandatory, but it is highly advisable.

It is possible to get jobs in Korean that don’t require a background in Korean However; employers will be more open to those who speak Korean (and/or are eager to learn) since it can help employees to get along with colleagues and the workplace culture more effectively.

It is also possible to find most Koreans in major cities speak a little bit of English. You may want to consider taking the possibility of taking a Korean study course prior to your travel to Korea.


Hiring Process For Korean IT Jobs: 


Compared to India, Korea’s hiring process for IT jobs is exceptionally fair & simple. Although there are still some differences, employers take a great deal of care in choosing new employees.

Unlike India, where companies use recruiting agencies, The majority of South Korean companies use job portal advertising to recruit new employees. However, some companies prefer to notify applicants by email or phone.

Employers also test candidates for their language and mathematical skills. Some companies, such as Samsung, require an exam before hiring for entry-level positions. Other companies have also adopted role-playing interviews and discussion sessions with other candidates.

Hiring Process For Korean IT Jobs


Koreans have a preference for assertive people. They also prefer people who are professional and easy to work with. The Korean decision-making process can be lengthy. In some cases, it takes several months before a candidate is notified of the offer.


How to Write a CV for the Korean IT Job:


If you are in search of a job in Korea, it is best to send a CV in English if you don’t know the Korean language.

A CV should include the most relevant information about your contact details and education, as well as the skills and experience you have in the field.

The Korean style of resume has special sections like hobbies and special comments, which will give you an opportunity to show your personality.

Special comments can also be used to highlight special achievements. These sections should be used sparingly, so don’t be shy about mentioning them.
A Korean IT resume will be different from an English one, so use your best judgment when converting your GPA to Korean units.

Additionally, Most Korean resumes include a cover letter to help convince the employer that you have the skills and experience necessary for the job.

Remember to keep it short and concise. Avoid flowery sentences that could be misleading. You should also mention the job you’re seeking and why you want it. The more specific the information, the better.


Where to look for Korean IT Jobs Online:


There are several places to find IT jobs in South Korea as an Indian. There are numerous job boards and social media sites like LinkedIn that have job postings.

In addition, the Global Korea Center and Work-Net are also good places to start. You can also attend walk-in interviews to find a suitable job.

Following are the top 5 sites in South Korea;

Job Site  Job Site  Description
1. JobKorea Arguably one of the largest job portals in South Korea that makes seekers are satisfied with their job search.
2. Seramin Seramin is a good job site to seek for employment opportunities.
3. Craigslist Korea This is a hit-or-miss type of job portal. However, the job advertisements are usually in English, and the employees sought after are foreigners. 
4. A great site with a beautiful design. it provides jobs in all categories.
5. Linkedin Unlike the other portals listed here, this is the main place where you can find all the big foreign companies looking for employees in their Korean branches.

IT Job Opportunities in South Korea for Indians:


A Robert Walters Salary Survey in 2022 revealed that Software Developers are the most highly-sought-after professionals in South Korea.

These include Mobile Engineers, Product Owners, Web Developers, and Machine Learning Engineers.

Here’s the list of IT professionals in demand;

List Job Title
1 Web Developer
2 Software Developer
3 Front End Developer
4 Java Developer
5 IOS Developer
6 Android Developer
7 .NET Developer
8 Python Developer
9 Data Engineer
10 Full Stack Developer
11 Machine Learning Engineer
12 React Developer
13 Devops Engineer

How to prepare for you Job Interviews?


You might be asked to attend an interview via Online Meeting if you are applying for a job from India. Online interviews are much more informal than in-person interviews, However there are some best practices that you need to follow;

  • Research on the company/position, recent news about the company, products and services
  • Closely study the job description
  • Prepare to answer questions about you expertise and your background
  • Dress professionally and look presentable
  • Logging in to the call at the right time
  • To ensure your headset, microphone and internet connection work smoothly, conduct a test-call before you leave.

The job title and role will determine the specific technical questions. Interviewers also want to know how you approach problems and where, how you find solutions.

These are some common technical questions:

  • What would you do to solve this tech problem?
  • Which is your favorite proggramming language?
  • What steps do you take when debugging code?

Brush up the technical skills that are relevant to your job. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t know the answer immediately. When it comes to technical questions, the approach and how you solve problems often matters more than the answer.


How to work remotely for South Korean Companies?


South Korea’s recent shift to remote work is a positive change in its workplace culture. In the past, South Korean companies preferred working on-site.

In the new era of work, work is no longer limited to local markets. You can now find remote jobs or freelance opportunities and be recruited by top startups anywhere, thanks to technological advances.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get a remote job quickly, visit our job listing page and apply for remote roles.

We will help you to land your first Korean IT job at high-growth startups and companies without any cost.




The IT industry in South Korea is booming, and there are a lot of opportunities for Indians looking for jobs in the country. The demand for Indian professionals is increasing due to affordability and expertise.

With the growing number of startups, new technology is being introduced to the market every day. This has resulted in high demand for IT professionals who can help develop these technologies.

If you want to work for Korean companies, this is the best time for you to apply and get hired.

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