The more specific and clear your question is, the more accurate and helpful the response will be.

1. Be specific and clear with your questions:

ChatGPT is a language model & it is trained to understand full sentences. Help it to understand the context and provide  accurate informations. 

2. Use complete sentences:

If your question is part of a larger conversation, providing background information or context can help ChatGPT understand the question better.

3. Provide context:

ChatGPT is a complex system and sometimes it may take a few seconds for it to process and respond to your question.

4. Be patient:

 ChatGPT is a machine learning model and like any other AI systems, it can make mistakes and sometimes it's response may not be accurate.

5. Be open-minded:

 If you are looking for information that is time-sensitive, you can provide a knowledge cut-off date to ensure that the info provided is up-to-date

6. Provide a knowledge cut-off date:

ChatGPT is a tool to help you and should be used for lawful and ethical purposes.

7. Don't use it for illegal or malicious activities: